Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kids Tell Parents: Don't Vote for McCain

Kind of along the lines of Sarah Silverman's "The Great Schlep," another campaign is out playing on the power of youth over older voters in the family. This ad, in particular, is aimed at young people -- some too young to vote themselves. It smartly features a few of the actors from the popular CW show, Gossip Girl, and gives humorous ways for young people to talk to -- and stop -- their parents from voting for The Maverick. I find it pretty amusing to have voting for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) compared to the dangers of drunk driving, with a kid saying: "If you're out and you feel like voting for John McCain, just call me and I'll pick you up -- no questions asked." Then again, considering the selfish binge the Bush administration has been on, spending both the surplus and our international goodwill like drunken sailors, perhaps the perils of a McSame administration are aptly compared.

According to the Partnership for a McCain-Free White House, "Young people overwhelmingly support Barack Obama. But too many of their parents don't. So we launched a fun new ad and site encouraging young people to talk to their parents about John McCain." The campaign, developed by, gives some important warning signs to look for in parents who may be straying off the progressive path:

1) Prefacing every sentence with "Lemme give you a little straight talk."
2) Arguing that it's crucially important for a president to be erratic and unstable.
3) Referring to the past 8 years of American history as "The Golden Age."
4) Saying things like, "Sarah Palin is a reasonable choice as VP."
5) Having trouble making eye contact.
6) Wandering and pacing aimlessly.
7) Disparaging Spain for no apparent reason.
8) Delusionally believing all people they meet are "[their] friends" —- even though most people are kinda creeped out by them.
9) Being unable to accurately count the number of homes they own, cars they drive, or years the United States should remain in Iraq.
10) Putting a McCain-Palin yard sign in the front lawn.
Time after time this year, we've seen people come out in support of Barack Obama because their children told them to. Or asked them to. Or simply challenged them to follow their hearts and their hopes this time.

But there's more work to do. Right now, young people back Barack Obama by overwhelming numbers. But their parents and grandparents are still leaning more towards John McCain.

People decide who to vote for based on the opinions of the people they trust—and family plays a huge role. The more young people who talk to their parents, the better chance Obama has on November 4th.

Please do your part. Talk to your parents today.

The Partnership's clarion call is clear: Talk to you parents, for the life you save may be your own! Vote for Barack Obama. Amen.

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