Friday, October 17, 2008

CQ: Democratic Money Decreases Republican Chances for Victory

Congressional Quarterly, better known as CQ, has changed several race ratings this week. We've all heard about CNN moving Virginia from the swing-state category into the "Leans Democratic" category, thanks to Barack Obama's newly announced 10-point lead in the commonwealth. But here is the low-down on some House races previously thought out of Big Blue's reach. Not anymore, my friends. Here's the gist, from an Oct. 17th posting on

A worsening political environment for Republicans and a massive infusion of cash from the Democratic Party are causing CQ Politics to change the ratings in two dozen congressional races, all in the Democrats’ favor.

Recruiting and funding candidates in dozens of House districts — many of which had not been competitive partisan battlefields in years — is a continuation of the Democrats’ strategy from 2006, when the party made a net gain of 30 House seats to capture the majority.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is engineering the party’s effort to grow its majority this year, expanded its efforts to put Republican-held seats in play — and recent political developments and just-filed campaign finance reports indicate that the strategy is producing a bounty of contested races that exceeds the expectations of many Democratic optimists.

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