Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBum: By rejecting his hometown team, LeBron James earns his slot on the Modell list of shame

LeBron James is free to go to Miami. He's free to market himself on ESPN. But fans in his hometown also are free to say he never should have embarrassed us by spurning Cleveland and the Cavs in front of a global audience.

One disappointed fan -- Thomas Johnson of Bridgeport, Conn. -- was prepared to express his opinion after LeBron James' announcement on Thursday night.

Check out this great piece on LeBron's unnecessarily public defection in the Plain Dealer by Bill Livingston. The LeBum is dead to the Zaftig Redhead, my friends. Not simply because he left, but because of how he did it -- and because he disappointed my mama. That's a no-no, and unforgivable.

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