Monday, April 25, 2011

Insuring The Elderly, Insuring The Poor

Insuring The Elderly, Insuring The Poor | The New Republic

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Friday, April 8, 2011

DC: Top 10 'government shutdown pick-up lines

The government may shut down, but the bars in Washington will be hopping with thousands of furloughed federal workers with extra time on their hands and reason to drink. It’ll be a great place to meet someone new. So, for all you “non-essentials” out there, here are the top 10 “government shutdown pick-up Lines,” courtesy of Twitter’s finest.

WARNING: Cringe-inducing puns ahead. If you get half of the jokes below, you probably watch too much C-SPAN. (But you’re not alone!)

1. “That can’t be a BlackBerry in your pocket–you must be happy to see me!” -Brian Beutler of Talking Points Memo @brianbeutler

2.”Wanna come check out my debt ceiling?” – Jim Tankersly of National Journal @JimTankersly

3. “This bar has a 2 a.m. deadline and we all have to make some compromises.” – Seth Michaels of Media Matters @SethDMichaels

4. “Let’s debate this on the floor.” – Matthew Cooper of National Journal @mattizcoop

5. “Baby, the only thing that’s ‘nonessential’ about you is those pants.” – @delrayser

6. “I’ll show you a rider.” – Lizzie O’Leary of Bloomberg TV @lizzieohreally

7. “The government isn’t the only thing that goes down at midnight.” – Adam Tager @adamtager

8. “My staff is essential.” – Olivier Knox of Agence France-Presse @OKnox

9. “Baby, my resolution can continue all night.” – Clara Jefferey of Mother Jones Magazine @ClaraJeffery

10. “What’s happening baby, how furlough can you go?” – @FredSoxNation

BONUS: “I’m sure we can both find a way to satisfy our bases.” -Ryan Reilly of Talking Points Memo @ryanjreilly

Can you do better? Tweet them using the #GovtShutDownPickUpLines hashtag.

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