Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Build the Next Cabinet: Who Do You Think Should be the Next Secretary of... ?

Between Election Day and Inauguration Day, some of the biggest decisions facing the president-elect will be choosing his cabinet — the critical people who will run the executive departments and the most prominent agencies in our country's government. The transition team will spend that short time frame in a frenzied effort to screen and select the next set of leaders for the executive branch, and dole out political appointments galore.

Thanks to CQ.com's fun new game, The Cabinet Maker lets you personally assemble a core group of advisers for the next occupant of the White House. What would an Obama or McCain administration look like if you had your druthers? The game features candidates chosen by CQ's beat reporters as likely suspects for 18 top positions, so it's an interesting preview of the Washington-style game of musical chairs that will play out when a new sheriff comes to town. Take a look.

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