Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Condemns Robocalls -- but will not Campaign for the Democrat

In 2007, Gen. Colin Powell gave a political donation to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Yes, in the primary, Powell was pulling for the Maverick -- and calls him a "dear friend." But Powell has become increasingly concerned about the direction that the Republican party has taken, and Powell cites Gov. Sarah Palin's selection as further evidence of that troubling shift. On the subject of Palin (R-AK), Powell said, "She is a very distinguished woman and should be admired, but after watching her for the past six weeks I don't believe she is ready to be president. And that is an issue of McCain's judgement."

In coming to his decision, Powell said he watched both candidates over the past few weeks -- as a part of a sort of "final exam" as they dealt with the economic crisis. He talked about his concerns that McCain seemed less sure of himself in taking on these bread and butter economic issues, while Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) showed intellectual rigor and a steadiness that impressed W's former secretary of state.

As a result, Powell announced Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press that he will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama, citing the Democrat's "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign."

"He has both style and substance. I think he is a transformational figure," the former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. Powell expressed real frustration and disappointment about the McCain campaign's overuse of 1960's radical William Ayers, and was genuinely troubled by their focus on such an inconsequential matter -- the RNC and McCain are still doing Ayers robo calls in many states -- while so many more important issues were begging for attention.

Powell also shared his concern about the Republican party's not-so-subtle pushing of the myth at Obama is Muslim -- and was eloquent in saying, "no, he's not, he's a Christian. But so what if he was? Why do we care? That's not American, that's not what this country is all about." Right on, General.

"Both John McCain and Barack Obama would be a good president. It isn't easy for me to disappoint Sen. McCain has I have this morning," Powell went on to say. "Barack Obama will not only electrify the country, he will electrify the world."

Powell said he was not interested in returning to government, but out of respect would talk to any president who wished to speak to him. Powell in an Obama Administration -- in some way, shape, or fashion? It could happen, folks. It could happen. And the country would be better for it.

Take a listen to the inflammatory robocalls McCain-Palin and the RNC are making across the country.

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