Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin Gets Decent Reviews Playing Herself on SNL

Whoever thought that vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's most sustained television appearance (outside of news coverage of canned stump speeches) would be on Saturday Night Live? Imagine that -- a few weeks before the election, and she's never done a press conference, never done a Sunday morning talking head show. These are strange times indeed, my friend. So SNL decided to help the Alaskan governor out by holding a press conference for her on last night's show -- something the tightly handled Palin has never actually done.

But the reviews are in -- and Palin did pretty well on the Oct. 18 SNL. Truthfully, it seemed like she was a pretty good sport. But being a good sport -- a prop while activity goes on around her -- is not what we need in a vice president. It makes her a bit more likable, perhaps, but her SNL appearance doesn't make her -- or McCain -- any more fit to take the reins this country at a time when we desperately need solid, thoughtful leadership.

Here's the press conference skit -- with a special appearance by Alec Baldwin -- for your viewing pleasure.

And here's The SNL Weekend Update rap about Palin -- performed while the real governor bops to the music.

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