Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah Silverman and the Great Schlep

Beware: some of the language in this video is more than a little off color and also potentially offensive. It is Sarah Silverman, after all. So why am I sharing it? Well, it illustrates the lengths to which many people are going in order to elect Barack Obama. After tonight's debate, you may also be feeling like you'd go the extra mile to ensure that passive-aggressive windbag -- aka, The Maverick -- doesn't get into the White House.

Speaking of travel -- the point of The Great Schlep is for younger Jewish voters to convince their grandparents and other elders to vote for Barack Obama -- and convince them by any means necessary, as Silverman off-colorfully discusses in this video. I would submit, however, it's not just older Jewish voters that need to be convinced that Obama's the Man -- the polls tell us old white folks in general are proving alarmingly recalcitrant to Change. I'm stunned, of course. As such, even us gentiles should think about making The Great Schlep. Here are the basics about The Great Schlep campaign:

When is the The Great Schlep?
Columbus Day weekend from October 11–13, 2008.

How do I go?

Call up your grandparents and tell them to get the couch ready.

How do I coordinate with other Schleppers?
Use the message board on Facebook. Join our group now!

What if I can’t travel, how can I still take part in The Great Schlep?
Download the PDF and give your grandparents a call. Or head over to where you can send pre-written grandparent-friendly Obama emails and more.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Zaffy... I'm a Lutheran, but my remaining grandparent is already in the tank for Obama, as are my parents... and my mother has everyt intention to vote, chemotherapy or not.