Sunday, September 21, 2008

Olbermann Donates $100 per Palin Lie to Alaska Special Olympics

I love Keith Olbermann. Yeah, sure, he's a great sportscaster, and he wears great ties. But those are just some ancillary reasons why I have monster-sized media crush on the man. My devotion is mostly a result of his wonderful performance in his true calling, which is speaking truth to power via his MSNBC show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann. His special comments have become the stuff of legend, and his regular skewering of Bill O'Reilly and Fixed -- I mean Fox -- News are well overdue in the mainstream media. And, his nightly sign off of "good night and good luck" -- Edward R. Murrow-style -- is a constant reminder of the power of the press when government has gone awry. If you aren't watching Olbermann, you should be -- weeknights at 8pm, with a repeat at 10pm for those of you must have your Jon Stewart/Daily Show repeat fix at 8pm. You won't regret an hour with Keith -- it's time well spent.

Olbermann's latest inspiration was to draw attention to the lies of VEEP candidate Sarah Palin by offering up $100 bucks of his own cash each time her nose grows an inch. Better still, he is writing the checks directly to the Alaskan Special Olympics, a fund Palin cut while she was governor -- despite all her talk about supporting efforts to help special needs kids. Anyway, take a look at this great video -- beware, it might make you a Keith-a-holic like me.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you, KEith!