Monday, September 22, 2008

60th Annual Emmy Awards: Josh Groban's Theme Song Medley ROCKS!

Yeah, you read the headline right. I said Josh Groban ROCKS. Really. Never thought I would use that description for Mr. Groban, but stranger things have happened. You gotta watch this medley he put together of our favorite television theme songs -- from Rawhide to Southpark, from Friends to COPS and everything in between. Groban even manages to work in the theme from "The X Files," which has no words. It's hilarious and creative, because he also kinda acts out each theme song in addition to singing the notes -- I especially love the slow motion run during the theme from "Baywatch," and how he becomes a cheesey lounge singer for "The Love Boat." Anyway, take a break from your busy lives, and enjoy the talents of Josh Groban. Who knew he was so versatile? Way to get outta the elevator, Josh!


Anonymous said...

A little cheesy, but worth a few minutes. To tell you the truth, I fast forwarded through it when I watcvhed the show.

ZaftigRedhead said...

Yeah, yeah. A little cheesey, I guess. But fun, if only for the memories it brought up!

ZaftigRedhead said...

The website "Pop Eater" slammed Josh's performance, but a plurality of their readers -- 45% -- thought it was brilliant. You can weigh in here: