Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Doesn't the Printer Work? For Cat Owners, the Truth is Revealed

A friend sent along this little ditty, and I simply had to share the love. Bear with me as I set up the context for this video. It goes something like this: I have long held that my home technologies -- and the work ones, for that matter -- are often attacked by trouble-making gremlins. Computers, voicemail, printers, DVD players -- devices working fine one day that can suddenly, inexplicably be kaput the next -- out of sync, giving error messages, eating tape, erasing files. I also believe that certain people have a benevolent magnetic field of sorts, and that their mere presence can magically make any such problem go away (and make me look like an ass for complaining about it in the process). The computer tech guy at work is one such magnetic personality --- if I'm convinced my computer has gone haywire, he has only to walk into my office for all to be well in my technologic world.

However, as a cat lover, the particular explanation for "gremlins" supplied by this hilarious video also rings particularly true. Perhaps you can relate?

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