Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cindy McCain has a Cameo in Latest SNL Winner: McCain's an Awfully Good Sport, too

Folks have been asking for the clips of Saturday Night Live's latest entry into one of their best seasons ever. So, yes, by popular demand -- only a few days out from the election -- here is the Nov. 1 edition of SNL, with special guest Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Take a look at at this great segment featuring McCain/Palin on QVC -- with a well-conceived cameo by Cindy McCain and the amazing Tina Fey. Truly, I have my problems with the Maverick, but he and the wife were great sports on the show. Wish he coulda been a better sport during the campaign. Then again, if he had been, McCain might be doing better -- so scratch that.

Also, on Weekend Update, Sen. McCain unveiled some new strategies he's considering for the last few days of his campaign. Some real gems in here, especially "The Sad Grandpa" ploy.

We need to be able to find the humor in this crazy, roller coaster of an election we're all been party to. But keep working folks, right through Nov. 4th -- it's tightening up, and we can't take anything for granted.

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Anonymous said...

If this is the McCain America saw throughout the campaign, he might be in a better position, now.

ZaftigRedhead said...

I completely agree, GF. As he said in his SNL backstage interview, appearances on SNL humanize you. (See for the interview.) I would add such appearances humanize you if you can do them well -- and he clearly enjoys doing the show. If McCain had been this relaxed and accessible throughout the campaign, things might be different. Lucky for us, though, that the Maverick has been taking advice from all the wrong places -- and has proven himself desperate enough to do just about anything to win. It's been a shocking and disappointing fall for someone that lots of us disagreed with but used to at least respect.