Friday, November 21, 2008

Go North 'til You Smell It, West 'til You Step in It: OHIO STATE vs. michigan

On Saturday, November 22, the most storied rivalry in all of college football will once again play itself out. That's right folks, it's time for the OHIO STATE vs. michigan game. GO BUCKS! My brother, also a huge OHIO STATE fan, is probably at this very moment chalking Block O's on his neighbor's driveways -- uh, did I mention he lives in michigan? In the morning, he'll blast the OHIO STATE fight song for the entire cul de sac's enjoyment. What a guy!

Yep, my brother has great fun giving his friends, neighbors, and co-workers all kinda shit, especially since OHIO STATE has dominated the little blue team so thoroughly -- and so enjoyably -- in the Tressel era. Tomorrow, the BUCKEYES face a michigan team that lost to the feared Toledo Rockets and just about everyone else this season. I suppose that does mean this much-hyped game could be ripe for an upset, but I have confidence in the BUCKS!

This well-known rivalry started in 1897. Since 1935, the contest has decided the Big Ten Conference championship -- going to one team or the other -- on 23 different occasions. In honor of this intense Great Lake feud, ESPN put together a couple of amusing commercials promoting college sports rivalries that were an immediate hit with viewers -- take a look.

Also, take a listen to the Zaftig Redhead's favorite song on OHIO STATE/michigan day (it's a longer video from a last year's game, but this particular version of this great song is the best I've heard). If you listen all the way through, you'll also get to hear Hang on Sloopy and the Fight Song, too -- courtesy of the Ohio State University Marching Band. Oh Joy!

So, yeah... you know where I'll be Saturday -- with the Scarlet and Grey Faithful, watching our boys kick the crap outta those puppies from up North. GO BUCKS!

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ZaftigRedhead said...

"The Buckeyes rolled [to] a share of their fourth-consecutive Big Ten Conference championship with a 42-7 win Saturday in front of 105,564 chilled but happy fans in Ohio Stadium.

The win not only clinched a fifth shared or outright Big Ten championship for Ohio State under coach Jim Tressel, but it also was the fifth-consecutive win for Ohio State over Michigan – a program first in 119 seasons of football. It also marked the seventh win over Michigan in Tressel’s eight seasons at the helm."

Alas, though -- no Rose Bowl. That honor goes to a deserving Penn State.