Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Redhead Rant: Dems Wuss Out, Lieberman Bailout Passes 42-13

Paybacks are ... negotiable? All's well that ends... without retribution? Sen. Joe Lieberman (turncoat-CT) apparently kissed and kinda-sorta made up with the Senate Democrats today. The wishy-washy caucus voted 42-13 on a resolution condemning statements made by Connecticut's infamous pain in the ass during the campaign. I'm sure that very firm slap on the wrist struck fear in the heart of any straying caucus member. But wait, that same resolution allowed good ol' Joe to keep his precious Homeland Security Committee gavel, though he will lose an Environment and Public Works subcommittee chairmanship. The Zaftig Redhead's reaction to these developments? Well, pardon my French, but whoopie-fuckin'-do.

As many of you know, I have been loudly, vociferously whining about Joe for a while -- with good reason. So let's just recap Joe's transgressions, shall we? He conducted no serious oversight of the Bush Administration despite his bully pulpit as chairman of the committee specifically charged with oversight -- kiss those checks and balances goodbye! In December, as we all know, Joe turned his back on Democrats (again) when he endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Never mind that Joe caucuses with the Democrats or that it's our majority which provides him with the committee chairmanship that he loves so much. It seems sadly appropriate that good ol' Joe gave the Dems the cold shoulder from the frozen tundra of New Hampshire -- where McCain credited Joe's endorsement for putting the wheels back on the straight talk express. Way to go, Joe!

Oh, and don't forget that good ol' Joe lent his weighty support to McCain instead of home state primary candidate Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), as is traditional. Remember, Joe, when Dodd was the only senator who endorsed your also-ran candidacy back in 2004, when you had your own delusions of grandeur about calling the Oval Office home? Now, I know Dodd endorsed Ned LaMont after he beat you in the Democratic primary -- as did the rest of the Democratic Party. You lost the party's nomination fair and square and for good reason, Joe -- them's the breaks. Dodd was just playing by the rules, but you cried sour grapes like a third-grader. By the way, I still can't believe -- after all this -- that it was Dodd (again) that came to your aid to keep you in the caucus despite all your crazy-making. Dodd's either just a really, really, really nice guy or you've got the goods on him -- I'm not sure which.

I'm pissed, Joe, that you kept calling yourself a Democrat during your speech at the Republican National Convention. You are not a Democrat. In fact, you are listed as an "Independent Democrat" on Senate rolls -- whatever the hell that is -- at your own behest. Listen, Joe, you don't get to use our party label just when it's politically expedient. You certainly don't get to use the label in the same breath as you endorse the other party's candidate, in a speech that's the rhetorical equivalent of a stab in the back to the Blue Nation that once nominated you for vice president.

While Reid and Company did not get a clue and boot your double-agent ass out of the Democratic caucus, I sincerely hope that what goes around really does come back 'round again -- and slaps you upside the head. But the sad fact is, for now, we need your sorry ass to get to 60 in the new Congress, just like we needed you to keep the Dems in power in the 110th Congress. You must have a great numerologist, Joe, cuz it's the numbers that keep saving you from getting what you deserve.

So you snaked the Democrats again, Joe. And the Senate Democrats -- well, they deserve what they'll get, keeping a snake such as yourself in their midst and in a position of power. Bunch of wusses. Obama too -- though Obama now owns you, Joe -- you owe him big because it's thanks to his intervention that you're still alive in the caucus. But, given your turncoat ways, I doubt you'll honor your debt to the President-Elect.

Still, the ramifications are clear: if we can't discipline our own, if we can't hold you accountable, Joe, how the hell are we supposed to herd the rest of the cats and actually get some meaningful work done? Senate Democrats now have absolutely no leverage to stiff arm their colleagues and keep 'em on the reservation. And god knows Harry Reid doesn't need any further handicap cuz he was no great shakes prior to the Lieberman defection. Once again, the Democrats talk a good game, but don't put their money where their mouth is.

My only consolation is that what goes around comes around, karma sucks, etc. -- meaning someday, somewhere, Joe, this nasty bit of business will catch up with you. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy -- and I hope I'm there to see it.

Warning: Watch this video only if you wanna throw up a little bit in your mouth.

NOTE: Major props to the two senators who spoke out in favor of removing Joe: Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and thanks to the 11 courageous senators who joined them in doing the right thing.

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