Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Just in for Thanksgiving: Ammunition for Political Holiday Family Feuding and Palin's Turkey Slaughter Disaster

Wanna be able to shamelessly wallow in the Democrats' victory this holiday season? Are you just dying to give as good as you get from your right-wing relatives? Well, look no further for help in your dinner table jousting than this great article from Slate. Use it in good health.

Also, here's a creative remix of the unbelievable interview Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) did at an Alaskan turkey farm this week. There to pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving, she then thoughtfully stopped to do an interview in front of the slaughterhouse -- with turkeys being, um, processed in the background. Wow... just, wow. Thanks to Slate for the gory mad-libbed details in the video.

And here's Letterman's Top Ten List of Palin's excuses for what is, I believe, one of the more amazing demonstrations of piss poor advance work and sad political instincts I've had the misfortune to witness -- not to mention just downright gross.

Just another reason why I don't eat Thanksgiving turkey, folks. It's simply much too literal for me -- it's clearly a big dead bird. Yuck. I prefer my carnivorous food to arrive under plastic wrap and well-disguised, thank you -- and not staring back at me accusingly, either. Yes, I'm a hypocritical vegetarian, and proud of it.

Who wants a drumstick???

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Gunfighter said...



Well, it's all about the advance work, isn't it?

As a fly on the wall to many of the movers and shakers in various places in this town, I have seen advance work make all the difference in a well-run event. I have also seen bad advance work cause unholy fury from politicians, hurled at their own staff and others. When that happens, it ain't pretty.

One of theses days, Zaffy, we will have to have a chat about what world-wide-known name has the bathroom locations as his most important advance criteria.