Friday, February 17, 2012

Unmarried Women Flocking to Obama: Gee, I Wonder Why?

A Republican/Libertarian friend told me this week that we progressives need to get back on message and talk about jobs and the economy. I told him that HIS troops are the ones that need to be back on that message. As for me, I'm quite happy to talk about birth control (and the insanity of the GOP's quest to take it away from women) from now until November. This shit is working for me and my peeps, thanks. And here's why --

Democracy Corps has just published an important polling memo that gets right to the heart of why the birth control battle could matter so much in this year’s elections.

The firm’s poll finds that one of the most important factors powering Obama’s gains against likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney has been the president’s improving numbers among unmarried women -- a critical part of the present and future Democratic coalition.

Among this group, Obama now leads Romney by 65-30 -- and there’s been a net, a whopping 18-point swing towards the President among them in the past month. Color me unsurprised.

After unmarried women dropped off for Dems in 2010 and were slow to return to the Dem fold in 2011, Obama is now approaching the 70 percent he won among them in 2008. If Dems play this right, it could encourage the perception that the GOP is backward-looking and lost in a social-issues wilderness, perhaps hastening the already widening gender gap that will be so crucial to the outcome this fall.

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