Friday, February 25, 2011

Lawmakers Won't Miss a Paycheck in Government Shutdown

Under United States law, elected Representatives and Senators are exempt from government furloughs. Thus, if the bickering children on Capitol Hill cannot come to some budget agreement, and the government shuts down, members of Congress and their $174,000 a year pay checks would keep flowing.

Yes, you read that right. While thousands of government employees would be furloughed, federal agencies and parks would close, and the paychecks of Hill staff (who will probably work anyway) would stop, elected reps and senators, as well as the president, would still get paid.

Meanwhile, a confidential new report from Goldman Sachs has found that the GOP House spending cuts, passed last week, would cut economic growth by about 2 percent of GDP. This at a time when we are just starting to see a glimmer of recovery. Way to go boys.

Congress, especially the Republicans, have lost their ever-lovin' minds. Just sayin'.

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