Friday, September 25, 2009

Tom Delay on DWTS: It Burns, My Eyes, It Burns!

Former Republican Majority Whip Tom Delay, so famous for his strong-arm floor management that he was nicknamed 'The Hammer,' made his debut on Dancing with the Stars this week. It is an uncomfortable viewing experience to say the least. Worse, the indicted former congressman from Texas' song choice was 'Wild Thing.' The dance was supposed to be a cha cha, but really -- especially when he shakes his ass and plays air guitar -- it's more of an ugh ugh. While I guess I have to give him props for the effort and the guts, my eyes still watered when I watched Delays 'moves.' Warning, young children should not be exposed. Two-time champ Cheryl Burke got screwed when she got stuck with 'The Hammer.'

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1 comment:

Gunfighter said...

It was creepy... no doubt about that.

Poor Cheryl, getting stuck with that guy. I hope he leaves soon, which takes a lot for me to say, because your pal Gunfighter loves some Cheryl Burke.