Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's the First Anniversary of The Zaftig Redhead!

Take a look at this verbal pictorial of the past year, using the most commonly used words in my blog, courtesy of Wordle. For folks like me, who can't read the find print, here's a link to the larger version of this word art. I also have to thank my friend Genghis for giving me the idea in the first place.

A sincere thank you to everyone for the adventure of the past year -- for the guest bloggers, the supportive e-mails, the many comments, the compliments and constructive criticism, and most of all -- for reading this humble blog whenever it fits into your busy lives. Cheers!

Copyright 2008. The Zaftig Redhead. All Rights Reserved.


Gunfighter said...

Happy Anniversary, Zaffy!

In a medium where so many start-ups come and go in a moth or two, you have done quie well.

Your blog design has stayed consistent, and your content is always good.

I am glad that I found you when I did.

Mazel Tov, my friend.


Spencer said...

Happy Anniversary Zaftig-- this is one of the best political blogs available...keep it up!