Friday, December 12, 2008

Hall and Oates -- With a Little Help from Jon Stewart -- Pay Tribute to Alan Colmes

You know, Fixed News -- um, I mean -- Fox News at least played at fairness with the presence of Alan Colmes on the network. Yes, that would be the same Colmes of Hannity and Colmes fame -- or should I say infamy. It's okay -- you can be easily forgiven if you don't know who the hell Colmes is -- that was, of course, the point. Hannity is the blowhard, right-wing reactionary to Colmes' mealy-mouthed, liberal wuss. What a show!

Mr. Colmes has recently announced his exit from the show -- to fall back into obscurity, no doubt. He took a lot of abuse on the show -- but he got well paid to be the token liberal. With Colmes' departure, Fox News isn't even playing at being unbiased -- Hannity is getting his own (ugly) show. In honor of the "dynamic duo's" split, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart had Hall and Oates sing an ode to the departing "newsman." Enjoy.

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